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Weekly Review Questions

Find a consistent time and peaceful area each week where you can answer these questions, ideally at the end of the week or beginning of next week (Friday/Sunday).

1. What area (s) of life did you neglect the most this past week?

2. What was difficult for you this past week? What major challenges or roadblocks showed up?

3. What was your biggest waste of time this past week?

4. What do you need to say “No” to (distractions, requests, procrastination) and more importantly  “Yes” to (planning, healthy habits….) more often in order to realize your goals next week? Focus more on the “Yes” for better results.

5. What else will you improve on next week?

6. What was your biggest accomplishment this past week?

7. What was the biggest magic moment? What were you most proud of this week?

8. What have you done to get closer to your life goals this week? What have you completed?

If there are any in-completions from the previous week, make sure you move them forward to your next week. Remember to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

9. Additionally for next week, go through the different areas of the wheel of life: Health, Wealth, Spirituality, Career, Emotions, Relationships, Family, Fun/Leisure. What are the top goals and outcomes you have in each of these areas?

10. Write a theme for next week that aligns with the outcomes you wrote in # 9. For example, this week’s theme is my “Week of Clarity and Completion.” The theme is a focus point or intention that will help you flow through your week. Remember that “Where focus and intention go, energy flows.”