The Ten Powerful Questions

The right questions have an awesome power to change the direction of our lives. The questions that we ask ourselves are important.

Questions are the most effective communication tool—they dig up information and help us learn more about ourselves and others.

Questions help clarify our thinking, help us recognize and capture opportunities and mine from our life experiences.

Questions help us uncover our personal strengths and greatness and help us broaden our perspectives.

These questions are designed to be shared with a daily buddy ideally early in the day for accountability or later in the day for support. By repeatedly doing this daily, your mind will naturally look for the answers throughout your daily experiences. You may even find yourself having more freedom, fun, clarity, grace, and ease in your life.

These questions are asked with respect to the previous day with the exceptions of questions 8, 9 and 10.

You should be able to answer these questions within 15 minutes through powerful communication. Practice the art of listening and be present to your buddy as he/ she shares. Avoid coaching unless your buddy has a request for it.

Be as authentic as you can and most important, have fun!