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Daily Power Questions

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The Questions you ask yourself consistently will change your life! If you want a quality life, ask yourself quality questions.

These Power Questions will help you create an amazing context to your day. Journal them before you sleep. If you do this consistently enough, you’ll notice that your personal filter for life will shift. Essentially you are retraining the Reticular Activating System (RAS) of your brain and continually living into an inspiring context. You will naturally be looking for magic moments, opportunities to raise your standards, contribute to others and expand in your growth and development.  Where focus and intention go, energy flows.

If you are a member of SuccessCircles, you will have the opportunity to share these with a daily huddle partner in addition to your Why.  Choose the questions that serve your partner.

* Note: If you are in SuccessCircles, refer to the “Rules For Success” document and community page to access additional questions and valuable resources*

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1. What were your Wins?

Personal Wins:

Professional Wins:

Were you effective yesterday toward getting to your outcomes? Celebrate your larger victories and projects that you have completed. Remember to acknowledge the smaller wins. They count too. Give yourself a “Hooray!” for each of the bigger wins that are moving you forward.  If you are not meeting your goals and therefore consistently celebrating your wins, consider lowering your expectations.

2. Magic Moments What have you enjoyed? Celebrations.

What experiences made you smile and gave you joy or pleasure? Did you connect with a child? Did you indulge in a treat? Did your favorite song play on the radio?  Remember that wherever you are, your body and surroundings are pulsating with life. There is always an opportunity to access wonderment.

3. What feelings or challenges came up? What were your blocks?

Were there any awkward or uncomfortable situations? Did you feel overwhelmed at any point? What challenges arose that brought this on? Share any obstacles came your way, even if they were self created. Share this powerfully instead of bottling it in. Most importantly, leave out the story.

4. Where have you lowered your standards / raised your standards?

It’s important to know that you are growing in life and continually raising your standards. We each have a code of honor or set of standards that we live our lives by. Do you know what yours are?

One way to raise your standards is to continually challenge yourself. By admitting where you are honestly lowering your standards, this allows you to see where in life you are playing a small game. Remember don’t be attached and have fun!

5. Where, what or How have you Contributed?

Did you touch another life? How have you made a difference? Acknowledge yourself.

6. What have you Released?

Release something that doesn’t serve you or holds you back. It could be something small or immensely large. What is holding you back in life from being fully present and expressed? You can release clutter, excessive weight, or a negative thought or emotion. Is there something in your space that’s untidy or broken? There may be a promise from the past that you made to someone that you haven’t fulfilled on. By fulfilling on that promise (or powerfully and authentically de-committing to it), you are freeing more of your mind and thereby being more present to enjoy and appreciate life. Is there someone in your life who you haven’t forgiven, perhaps even yourself? These are all elements of releasing.

Even if you release one thing each day, imagine what would be possible by the end of the year.

7. Opportunities / What did you learn? What have I learned from the challenges above and what new opportunities have now shown up? Were there any insights or distinctions overall in my day?

Remember that opportunities arise from challenges if you choose to ask yourself, “What can I learn from this for next time?” “What have I learned about myself?” Were there any paradigm shifts or perhaps a new level of awareness?  What can you choose to put in your schedule to avoid that particular challenge from occurring again.

8. New Action Items/Outcomes for today:

What are your three to five most important outcomes for today? It is recommended that you focus and do these early in the day as possible. Doing First Things First will help generate momentum for accomplishment and completion. Remember to also schedule fun and play and strive to have a day with balance and joy. You deserve it!

Be willing to receive three to five minutes of feedback from your partner at this point, before going to Question 9 /Gratitude.

9. What am you really Grateful for in this moment? What am you Excited about? (5 to 10 gratitudes and allow yourself to connect with the feeling. Choose 1 new unsaid item each day)

What are you grateful for in your life? Be completely in the moment as you share this with your partner. Can you share your gratitude and allow both yourself and your partner to feel the intensity of it? Remember this is not a laundry list. Connect to your heart, breathe, and smile as you feel the feeling of gratitude. If you like you can add your “Why I’m grateful” for each item.
If you are experiencing fear or lack at the start of your call, consider beginning your 10 Power Questions with Gratitude. The biggest combatant of fear is gratitude.

10. What is your Intention for today? (Choose one or two words as a focal point or theme.  You can also base your intention on your outcomes for today and all that you have learned about yourself yesterday)

Who are you choosing to be today? What is your possibility? Remember that where focus goes, energy flows.

Questions 9 and 10 are answered in the moment on the call. Journaling questions 1 – 8 the day or night before will provide you more freedom and perhaps clearer abundant dreams. It is recommended that you do an overall completion Weekly Review once a week before moving onto the next week. See below.

Weekly Review Questions

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Find a consistent time and peaceful area each week where you can answer these questions, ideally at the end of the week or beginning of next week (Friday/Sunday).

Friday Morning Momentum Buddy Call

A. Check in on the previous day:
1. What have been some major wins and magic moments since we last spoke?
2. What else have you done that you are proud of?
3. How did you do towards completing your daily goals & with your personal and business effectiveness (and honoring your intention? / How did you do with your top accountabilities yesterday? (Weighted percent or scale of 1 to 10)

=> Is there anything you could have done to have been more effective? or If you had to relive your day again in future with the exact same accountabilities and variables, what would you do differently to be more effective?
Optional (If buddy scored well the day before): What made yesterday such a winning day and how does it feel?

B. Now review the ENTIRE WEEK so far:

1. What area (s) of life did you neglect the most this past week?

2. What was difficult for you this past week? What major challenges or roadblocks showed up?

3. What was your biggest waste of time this past week?

4. What do you need to say “No” to (distractions, requests, procrastination) and more importantly  “Yes” to (planning, outbound sales calls, healthy habits….) more often in order to realize your goals next week? Focus more on the “Yes” for better results.

5. What else will you improve on next week?

6. What was your biggest accomplishment this past week?

7. What was the biggest magic moment? What were you most proud of this week?

8. What have you done to get closer to your life goals this week? What have you completed?

If there are any in-completions from the previous week, make sure you move them forward to your next week. Remember to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

9. Additionally for next week, go through the different areas of the wheel of life: Health, Wealth, Spirituality, Career, Emotions, Relationships, Family, Fun/Leisure. What are the top goals and outcomes you have in each of these areas? (This can be done outside of your buddy call when you are in Weekly planning mode.)

10. Write a theme for next week that aligns with the outcomes you wrote in # 9. For example, this week’s theme is my “Week of Clarity and Completion.” The theme is a focus point or intention that will help you flow through your week. Remember that “Where focus and intention go, energy flows.”

Follow this with feedback from your buddy.

Ground the feedback with your Big Why & Gratitude.

Celebrate & Complete